We are extremely glad that you decided to click through here - on the application form and thus become the creator of our event! We will be very happy to offer a platform where you can present your work. 

Application process for this year 11.03.2023 has been CLOSED!

Because of enormous number of applications and filling our reserve list we have to close the apllication process sooner. Thank you for your great interest to be a part of our beautiful event! We will be happy to host you next year!

In the case of a kids/junior competitor, after submitting the application form, it is necessary to send the completed and signed (by hand or electronically) LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE CONSENT form by e-mail to You can find it below for download.

By submitting the application, you agree to the conditions, principles and rules of the competition. You agree to the processing of the personal data provided to the organizer for the purposes of the aeriaIemotion competition and to the creation and use of records, photos and videos from the competition for the promotional purposes of the competition. At the same time, you confirm that you are fully responsible for your health and that you will participate in the aeriaIemotion competition at your own risk. The organizer of the competition is not responsible for any damage to the health or property of the participants.