Below you will find all the necessary guidelines for the competition and categories.


Contest organizer: Tailwind s.r.o. Žehrianska 3, 85107 Bratislava ID number: 51685795 registered in the Commercial Register of the Bratislava I District Court, section: Sro, insert no. 128132/B1. 

1. Conditions for applicants

- correctly completed application, sent no later than 15.01.2023 at 00:00 via the form or by email to the address

- the applicant is 18 years of age on the date of sending the application, otherwise it is necessary to send together with the application to the given email, also the consent of the legal representative with the participation of the minor in the competition, together with a copy of his identity card/passport 

- paid application fee in the amount of €49 (Doubles category €65) to the organizer's account no later than 5 days after sending the application, otherwise the application is valid and expires 

Application payment 

- amount: €49 (Doubles category €65) - IBAN: SK67 1100 0000 0029 4905 7512 

- name of the bank: TATRA BANKA 

- name of recipient: Tailwind s.r.o. 

- payment note: name of participant, category 

- application fee (starting fee) is non-refundable and in case of non-participation of the applicant for any reason, it is not possible to request its return. Its return is possible only in case of cancellation of the competition (does not apply to rescheduling of the competition date) and its non-performance. cancellation of the competitor's participation or refund of the entry fee 

- anyone can participate in the competition, regardless of nationality, nationality. The applicant does not have to belong to a sports club or compete for a sports studio.

2. Conditions for the contestant 

- familiarization with the general conditions of the competition, as well as with the conditions for individual competition categories 

- presentation of a valid identity card/passport to the organizer, or to a person authorized by the organizer to verify the identity and correctness of the contestant's data 

- arriving on time at the venue on the day of the competition of the proceedings, as well as on the stage after the invitation 

- decent behavior within the framework of general social norms and morals during the entire duration of the competition and compliance with the instructions and regulations of the organizer connected with the competition 

- handling the aids provided by the organizer conscientiously and sparingly, in the event of serious damage, the organizer is entitled to claim compensation from the competitor 

- the competitor comes to the competition in a sober state without consuming alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances and will not use alcohol or these substances during the entire duration of the competition 

- it is forbidden to depict political events and situations through choreography, use national flags, encourage political and religious women's opinion, promote violence or racist views, promote prohibited substances, slander someone, promote any product 

The organizer reserves the right to change the place and date of the competition, if the organizational circumstances require it, as well as to change other dates connected with the competition. Competitors by their participation at the competition, he/she undertakes to comply with the conditions contained in this document, otherwise, non-compliance with these rules is grounds for immediate disqualification. 

By registering for the competition, the contestant consents to the use of photos and video recordings taken during the entire competition to the competition organizer for promotional purposes and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection. All visual and audio materials are filmed for the use of the contest organizer and are the property of the contest organizer.

3. Division of competitors into categories according to level of difficulty 

  • Categories AMATEUR 

A competitor has been involved in the given discipline for a total of less than 2 years, he could have already participated in a competition but did not place first. 

  • Categories ADVANCED 

A competitor has been involved in the discipline for more than 3 years, but not more than 6 years in total, he could have already participated in competitions, he could have placed as a winner in his category. 

  • Categories ELITE 

The competitor has been involved in the discipline for 7 years or more, he could have already participated in competitions, he could also place himself as a winner in his category.