About the competition 

On March 9, 2024, the second year of the AeriaIemotion competition will start in Bratislava, in Cultural House of Karlova ves.

 We organize this event as aerial acrobatic sports and pole dance enthusiasts, with the aim of giving the athletes the opportunity to show what they have in them and demonstrate their art to others in the industry, as well as to the general public. We do it because we live, train and experience these sports and we want to develop, raise awareness and improve them. We think that there are many such athletes who do not have the space and platform to express themselves. Come show your potential and support a community of people who share the same enthusiasm for this sport, either as a spectator or a competitor. 

Why compete? 

Shine with the elements that you have earned in full beauty and live, not only in the Insta world. The admiring glances and applause of the audience will be the greatest reward for your hours spent training. In addition, you will receive real feedback and evaluation from an expert jury as your efforts in this sport progress. Don't be afraid of constructive criticism either, because it moves you forward in the right dose! If you still don't believe and you've never tried anything, get out of your comfort zone and see for yourself that it's worth it. Are you just an amateur? Or are you a pro and want to compete against your equals? This is absolutely not a problem, fair competition is our priority, that's why we open categories for all levels! You can find out more in the Competition categories section. 

 Why come to watch as a spectator? 

Maybe you are familiar with pole dancing and aerial acrobatics, maybe you are on these pages by accident, maybe you are invited as an escort, or a fan club for a competitor. The spectator performs an equally important function as the contestants, because one without the other does not give meaning. The important thing is that you come to support a great event full of sports emotions, which is beautiful to experience in your life, and we promise you an unrepeatable experience of a live show. 

 We look forward to seeing you!